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The name and the paintings of János (John) Czencz were well known in art circles and by the public since the early 1900'
He was born on September 2, 1885 in Ostffyasszonyfa in Vas county, Hungary. He studied at the prestigious Academy of Art in Budapest from 1907-1912, his masters was Aladár, Edvi Illés, László Hegedûs and Tivadar Zempléni.

He lived and worked in Budapest until his home was demolished by the bombings of WWII. He then moved to his summer home in BATA Tolna county and worked there until his death in 1960.

His first exhibition was held in Budapest in 1908. He won the prestigious Izidor Halmos Award in 1913 with his painting entitled In front of the mirror and the Rudits Award for his work entitled Fekvö Akt (Lying nude).
Other important awards included a bronze in Firenze in 1920 for his painting entitled Marcella as well as the Benkö Award in 192l. He finished third in Fiume in 1928 at the International exhibition.
In 1935, he was awarded Exemption from Jury.

He had private exhibitions in Hungary in the cities of Pécs, Szombathely, Szekszárd and Budapest as well as in every major European capital, all which brought him more awards and more fame.

11 of his paintings are displayed at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. His works are also found in private collections and museums in Venice, Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin and Vienna.
He became popular and beloved painter during his era. His stills, genre pictures , folk art , landscapes and nudes were the most popular. His love of life, beauty and nature, his use of brilliant warm colors , and always tasteful presentation of nudes earned him the recognition as an exceptional Hungarian painter.

His daughter Mrs. Ferenc Huszak (Marietta Czencz) has a large collection of his work in the newly opened Memorial Museum at Fö utca 17 in the city of BATA in Tolna county.
It opened on July 19, 2002, the museum may be visited by appointment only.
Contact: Mrs Huszak in Hungary at 74/490-704
or from the USA: 011-36-74-490-704.

Paintings of János Czencz

Venal paintings of János Czencz


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